Monday, April 05, 2010

Travel To The Day of Judgement

(A true story from Medina)

Hence I died, Then I say myself standing, relieved of my illness, feeling fit and healthy but around my corpse my relatives mourning.I was saddened by their crying and told them that I was cured and not dead but nobody heard me.

They neither saw or heard me.I realized that these people had now become distant from me and so I turned my complete attention towards my corpse.I became especially attentive towards the face and the side which was uncovered. Afterwards, my body was bathed and shrouded.Then when the people had taken their other pending work, they took my body towards the graveyard.

I was also present in the funeral procession and I saw many wild beasts and animals which frightened me, but the other people present were neither afraid or even troubled.My fear knew no bounds and especially when the animals stared attacking my body.But the man who was lowering my body was not in the least fearful, it was as if he did not even see them.
The man laid the body in the grave and then came out.But my primary interest was in my body so I stayed inside the grave.I try to shy away the animals but they were too many for me to handle and they overcome me.I called out to the people standing above my grove for help but nobody came forward to help.

They remained busy in their work.Suddenly certain people entered the grave from somewhere and they came to my help, and the animals ran away when they saw these people.

So I thanked them and asked them who they were that they helped me in such a difficult time.They smiled and reply that they were my good deeds that I had done and that the beasts had been my evil deeds.They asked me if I had not heard the verse "Verify the good deeds, clear away the bad needs".

Then these people dissapointed.After that I saw the man outside had closed the grave and had left me alone in the dark.I could see people going back to their houses, even my close friends relatives and family members had deserted me and left me alone.

Then I felt extremely sad and I was close to bursting with sorrow.Ihave never felt such fear.I was wondering what would happen next.Suddenly the grave split and the two huge something with fearful faces entered.

They looked strong and hefty like giants.Smoke and fire bellowed from their mouth and nostrils (The punishment in the grave, the questioning of Munkar and Nakeer and the presence of snake and scorpoins in the grave.

Suddenly they thundered in the voices so sharp that the heavens and earth trembled."Who is your Lord?".I lost the power to speak and thought my dead body would not be able to answer their questions and I become certain that they would give the body a good beating with their iron rods and my grave would be engulfed with fire.

So, I decided to answer their questions.I besheeched God for help : "O helper of the Helpless and the Rescuer of the Trouble and Afflicted, come to my help".In my heart I also seeked the intercession of Imam Ali because I knew him well and his positions in the eyes of God.

I knew this intercessor was God's blessing and he rescued me.The Qur'an says,"And you see me in stupor, and they are not in stupor but God chastisement is severe" {Surah Al-Hajj :2}.
I was no longer afraid when they asked again "Who is your Lord?" I replied sofly that allah, the One, Only and Unique was my Lord."He is Allah, there is no God but He, the knower of the unseen and the seen, He is the Beneficent and Even Merciful.

He is Allah there is no god but He, the King, the Holy, the Peaceloving, the Bestower of Conviction, the Guardian, the Ever-prevalent,the supreme, the great absolute. {Surah Al-Hashr : 22-23}.